Do The Thing You Might Do

Do The Thing You Might Do


"Do The Thing You Might Do"



I said this to a friend in passing. 

They mentioned a creative project that they might start. And my response was, "Do the thing you might do."

I said it off the cuff. Then circled back and saw the power in the statement. 


So many times in life, we MIGHT try something new, create something new. We MIGHT get to the things we really, really want to do. 

BUT, there can be so many things that come before. The things we HAVE to do. And those things are valid. 

And there's so much to worry about when a new idea comes to mind. 

What if I create something and it's not good?

What if I put something out there and get laughed at?

What if I invest time and end up getting bored?

What if I don't have time?


All valid. When fears and questions come up, my personal experience has taught me to really look and see what's underneath. Many of us have reasons to believe that trying new things is NOT SAFE, and fear is our body reminding us that we need to stay safe. I pause and really listen to my inner knowing when this happens to me. What is she needing? 


All feelings, emotions, and thoughts contain valuable information. AND they might not always be accurate. I learned a term from Tara Brach "real but not true." Our thoughts are real, and yet they often aren't true. The worst cases we can create in the mind often don't come to pass, and if they do, the worst was not as bad as we thought. 


IF you do the thing you've wanted to do, the thing you might do, it doesn't mean you're going to jump off a cliff and do something stupid. Even if you end up hating it, it doesn't make you wrong. You will have learned valuable lessons about yourself. 


So, if this is resonating, go ahead. Do the thing you might do. The thing you've been curious about or interested in. Try it out, try it on. Take messy action. Messy action will always reap higher rewards than staying idle. 


I'm here to support you in doing it. 


You are so worthy. 




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