Reconnect With Your Body

Reconnect With Your Body

Disconnecting from the body is so common in this modern life. We tend to live neck up, letting the mind take control, feed us thoughts and beliefs (often these thoughts focus on the worst case scenario in order to keep us safe). 


This tendency to live only in the mind is due to unsafe experiences. The mind thinks this helps keep the body safe from future unsafe experiences. 

And really, to live in our full expression and connectedness, coming back home to the body is key. 


So, how can we cultivate more body awareness? We do this little by little with mindfulness. 

〰️ coming back from thoughts by noticing the breath in the body

〰️ noticing the aliveness within a specific body area that feels safe. Hands, heart space, feet, whatever feels best to you.

〰️ when a challenging thought or emotion comes up, notice if there’s a part of the body that’s tensing, then so gently, nurture it. 

〰️ come into your body through the senses. What can you hear, taste, touch, smell? 

〰️ mindful movement is a great way to come back home to the body. You can try  gentle stretching, yin yoga or a walking meditation.

〰️ self touch such as a body massage or scalp massage.


When we learn to return to the body, it’s crucial to remember this sense of gentleness and loving awareness. This returning, again and again, cultivates a feeling of safety in the body. 


What helps you remember to come back to your body? 

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