Rituals to Celebrate the Solstice: A Guide to Connecting with Your Spirituality and Finding Gratitude

Rituals to Celebrate the Solstice: A Guide to Connecting with Your Spirituality and Finding Gratitude


The Solstice is the two days of the year when the sun is either out for the most extended daylight hours or the shortest, depending on where you are in the world.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, you will have the summer solstice when the light comes to play. In the southern hemisphere, where I currently am, the dark is showing herself a little more. 

Either way, creating a ritual celebrating light and dark is excellent, as we need both. The darkness holds mystery, depth, and wisdom. And the light shines for us to see clearly. 

Currently, I am sitting in a chilly apartment in Melbourne, Australia (which I talk about in the latest episode of my podcast Can We Start Over). So I am celebrating the longest night of the year. I've always loved summer solstice and summer in general. I love fireflies and laughing with friends while sitting in the evening light. I love warm sunsets. So, it's a little strange to sit in winter (although it's not that cold, guys, I am a weenie) in June. But, I am strangely excited to dive back into my ritual practice and celebrate the Solstice in a new to me hemisphere. 

Here's some grounding heart centered ideas for your to create your own solstice ritual.



Find some orange, yuzu, lemon slices or essential oils, some nice Epsom or pink salt, and draw yourself a bath to lounge in. As you draw the water and add in your special ingredients, speak your intentions for the next half of the year, speak love for your body, or speak your gratitude into the water. This can be a steamy hot bath or a cool summer soak.  


Movement is a phenomenal way to shift our energy and let our bodies drop what it's been carrying. As a somatic practitioner, I know how our body can hold onto pain and how important it is to our healing and well-being to allow it to move. So, put on some music that feels good to move to, find a place you can be alone, and let your body move! I created a Spotify playlist for my solstice ritual that you can check out here. Mine is a little dreamy, so throw on some Beyonce before or after if you want to pump yourself up. 

Vocal Toning

The Solstice connects to the Solar Plexus Chakra, our fire center. To do this practice:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit upright.
  2. Place your hand on your abdomen above your belly button and breathe in and out gently.
  3. Slowly begin sounding the mantra RAM (sounds like ROM or RAYUM).
  4. Let your breath be easy and on the exhale, sound RAM.
  5. Continue this practice for 3-5 minutes, then drop the mantra and return to the natural breath. 

Recommit to spiritual practice

Solstice is a great time to find a spiritual practice, whether meditation, journaling, chanting mantras, prayer, or connecting with a teacher. Five years ago, I began clumsily meditating, and it saved my life. Beginning a spiritual practice can be completely life-changing. So, why not start today? Loads of people wait for the new year to create a new practice, but the Solstice, either winter or summer, is a powerful day to commit to something and see it through. Setting your intention with the light of the sun. 

Gratitude for the past six months

Grab your journal and pen, get cozy, and list everything cool, badass, or wonderful that has happened in the last six months. We tend to focus on what isn't going right in our lives and can easily forget all the fantastic things surrounding us. So, go big; try to list 100 things! Gratitude is like the sun; it lights up whatever it touches. We all have tough seasons in life, and if this year has been rough for you and you are having trouble finding that gratitude, I see you, I feel, and I love you. Maybe your list looks more like ten things around you right now you are grateful for - your heart beating, the breath coming in and out of your body, and the surface supporting you. 

Light a candle, say a prayer, and close your eyes

visualize love washing over you and yours

This is a simple one, but there is real power in ritually thinking or speaking our dreams and intentions into a candle and then lighting her up and sitting in that light. Let the quiet stillness surround you and envision pure love pouring onto you and everyone you know. 


I hope you create a solstice ritual with the above ideas or your own and create a special time. We are ALIVE, damnit, and it's so beautiful. Rituals and celebrations are crucial to our humanity. 

Please share with me which practices you feel most called to! And if you have an altar or ritual set up, snap a photo and share it with me on Instagram

As always, I love you in all ways. 

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