The Art of Journaling

The Art of Journaling

Journaling has been a foundation for my self-acceptance and growth for years. Who doesn't love getting a new journal, cracking it open, and smelling the fresh paper? A blank page is pure possibility.

 I remember loving to journal as a kid, writing about my dream jobs, places to live, and maybe meeting New Kids on the Block. When I traveled across the US in my early 20s, I always had a new journal with me, filled with the exciting things I saw, the downright weird things I saw, and the beautiful people I met. 

“A journal is your unaltered voice.” - Lucy Dacus 

Then I got swamped in business and entrepreneurship, and my journaling practice paused for a long time. I didn't give myself space for reflection, and I started feeling the pressure building after a while. I needed the release of journaling and other daily practices to spark my gratitude, joy, and creativity. 

I rekindled my love of journaling about four years ago, and now it is part of my daily practice both morning and night. I love filling up the pages and then looking back at them months later to see what has shifted and still feels true. 

As you all know, I am a big morning practice person! I was born an early bird! But, journaling can happen any time of day. And it doesn't need to be a big production. It can be a few sentences or a short gratitude list. 

Here, I've collected my favorite ways to connect with journaling as a daily practice. You can choose one or mix and match and few. These are just a starting point; there's no wrong answer regarding getting your inner thoughts and dialogue onto paper. 

Future Self Journaling: I've used this simple journal prompt by The Holistic Psychologist for years, and it's straightforward and powerful. These journal prompts help you identify a pattern you desire to change. Then through daily writing, you are using repetition and neuroplasticity to make new choices and create new habits. 

Intention Journaling: Setting intentions around goals, dreams, and projects can impact our success and peace of mind. I love setting intentions with each New Moon and writing about what I am calling in or working towards. I love using intention journaling when starting a new creative project. It helps me distill down and then remember my why. If things get confusing along the way, I can go back to my journal and remember this why and use it as a guide. 

Morning Pages or The Artist's Way - This is for my lovers of writing. Morning pages are intended to be done right upon waking, where you grab your journal and write stream of consciousness for three full pages, front, and back. This practice helps you tap deeper into your creativity, which is why it's called the Artist's Way! 

Freeform Journaling: Like Morning Pages, freeform journaling can be about anything. Maybe it's a touch of stream of consciousness, a little about your day, some affirmations, really whatever feels true at the moment. 

Reflection Journaling: This is a perfect practice to end your day. Looking back on your day and writing about what went right, what felt off, any lessons learned or feelings that came up. Also a great practice after launching a big project, after a long trip or a significant life moment like a wedding or moving to a new city. 

Meditation Journaling: Meditation journaling has been so insightful for me to learn more about what happens during and after a meditation session. After your meditation, journal and reflect on how it went. Was it incredibly calm and fulfilling or challenging? Was your mind running over time, or was there quiet? Anybody sensations or memories that came up? How do you feel after? I love to look back on my meditation journal to see what has shifted in my practice over time. 

Affirmation Journaling: Just like saying affirmations out loud helps our brains hear and integrate them, writing affirmations allows the mirror neurons in our brain to see what we are writing and believe it. Your affirmations can be different every day, or you can work with a few for an extended period. 

Gratitude Journaling - write 3-15 things for which you are grateful. Big or small, simple or grand. And it's a great way to remember all the simple and big blessings surrounding us. 

Future Vision Journaling: This is an excellent tool for working towards a goal or dream. I spend time writing out what my dream LOOKS like - don’t be afraid to get specific. Then I write about what it FEELS like, as straightforwardly as possible! Then I write out my dream with gratitude as if it's already happened- "I give thanks that I am surrounded by an amazing and supportive community that allows me to teach, create, serve, parent, and partner with ease." I learned this technique from my fantastic coach, Cushi Ming

Journaling, just like and daily ritual, is meant to grow and change with you; it's an alive practice. So, if your practice begins to feel stale, you can change it up, add, and subtract as needed. 

Let me know. What's your favorite way to journal? Do you like prompts, or are you more free form? I'd love to hear from you. 

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