About Lindsey and Sunnyland


 I'm Lindsey Akey, the creator behind Sunnyland and Co. I am a Texas native, a certified mindfulness teacher, somatic parts work release facilitator and holographic sound healer who mentors creative and sensitive people. I offer a sacred healing space for people like you to slow down, become aware, and reconnect with your inner wisdom. 

 I am forever grateful to hold healing space for people who are ready to move through the programmed pain and shame and sit in their own Sunnyland. 

I travel the world with my wonderfully supportive husband and three wild and free children. I moved away from the service and hospitality industry after 20+ years of hustling. Once I realized I could create a slower pace for myself and started healing through somatic release, mindfulness and energetics, I wanted to share that awareness with others. This is my simple attempt to tell you that you are worthy of slowing down.

You are more than the hustle, the grind, and the climbing. You are inherently worthy. You are made of f**king stardust. You are SOURCE in motion. Can you believe that?  

Sunnyland and Co. is your source for mindfulness, somatic release, inner child parts work, holographic sound healing and energetic reset. Here I offer 1:1 healing sessions and group workshops to witness pain, patterns and embody your wholeness. 

I spent years living in a busy world. I was running from work life to home life. I was running FOR work life. Never quite present. I was always looking forward to what came next. I went to a point where that busy-ness was not serving me; I was serving it. I found myself burnt out, depleted, and uninspired. I was desperate for a different way. Something slow. That's where Sunnyland was born. Sunnyland is the space within our bodies and homes where slowness and mindfulness live. It's where deep self-care and connection stay. Sunnyland is the feeling of intentional un-hurriedness, where we honor ourselves and our earth. I invite you to find that Sunnyland within yourself. Welcome to Sunnyland. Feel, heal, rest, expand, and enjoy. 


The intention behind Sunnyland is to be a sacred space of healing and reconnecting mind, body and spirit.  

Sunnyland and Co. donates a portion of proceeds to outreach programs that align with our mission of preserving people and earth.