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 I’m Lindsey. My greatest joy is to help you remember your true, divine nature.




The Remembrance a 12 week journey to reconnect mind * body * soul 

A 12 week 1 on 1 journey that combines inner child healing, parts work, embodiment coaching, sound healing, somatic stress release and mindfulness to bring you back to your divine wholeness. 

Have you fallen out of step with yourself? Do you find yourself striving for more and more yet spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Are you burnt out? Have you forgotten yourself? There’s something in you that knows that there is more to life, but maybe you’re confused or too exhausted to know where to start. You are not your job, your appearance or your belongings. You are not your achievements, you are not the things you don’t like about yourself. 

Your truest nature is that you are a piece of infinite consciousness. A part of the universe that has no beginning and no end. A soul that has been having experiences since the beginning of time. And you chose to be here, on this planet, right now. At this crucial time in existence. At the tipping point of all things. There’s no way that this is mistake. 

You’re here now because you know this. And you know that you’re meant to be and do more. I don’t mean do more in your business or be more successful, although those are nice after affects. I mean be more in tune with your inner guidance. Do more of loving life fully and completely. 

On this 12 week journey together we will strip down all of the limiting beliefs, the energy point blockages, the disconnection with your body. And you come back to wholeness within yourself. 

Hey, I’m Lindsey, and I practice a powerful combination of Somatic Work, Inner Child and Parts Work, Mindfulness, Holographic Sound Healing and Embodiment Coaching. I pair that with my 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and my lifetime of spiritual exploration. These are the tools that saved my life and brought me from exhausted, overworked and disconnected to grounded, joyous, free and infinite. I love taking my very own approach to spiritual connection and transformation and offering it to you. 

After these 12 weeks you’ll have greater connection with your spiritual path, you'll know how to trust your intuition, your creativity will be off the charts and you’ll remember the essence of who you are.  You will be ready to take that big leap in life with courage! 

What’s included. 

  • 12 1:1 sessions 
  • Journal prompts
  • Energy hygiene protocols
  • Access to unlimited voice notes/text through Voxer. 
  • Custom guided meditations
  • Custom daily practice building
  • Somatic practices to incorporate into your daily practice
  • Infinite love and support. I intentionally create the container with the client’s highest good in mind always. 

Client’s Commitment

  • willingness to commit to a daily self care ritual involving mindfulness, gentle shadow work, movement and spiritual connection 
  • Willingness to sit with discomfort as it arises with support




What is Embodied Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is such a buzz word these days It can be difficult to truly know what it means. I practice embodied mindful awareness, which is the non-judgenmental and caring attention to the here and now. This mindful awareness that is experienced through the body allows us to feel our feelings fully, to sit with difficult emotions and experiences and to bring a kind and loving awareness to ourselves and those around us. Part of mindfulness is gently training the mind to become less attached to thoughts, especially unhelpful ones, and to grow our attention. The embodied piece is where we use mindfulness to reconnect with our bodies and tune in to the wisdom it holds. This isn’t simply meditating and thinking or not thinking. It’s incorporating our entire beings and holding them in this space of love and kindness. Embodied Mindful awareness is mindfulness and heartfulness combined and expressed through the body with compassion and understanding. 

What is Somatic Stress Release? 

Somatic Stress Release is. A practice that allows to move through our body’s natural ability to mobilize and process stress. Stress gets a bad rap but the word stress simply means BLANK BLANK however in this modern world we are inundated with these BLANK BLANK daily. Overtime we lose contact with this natural ability and innate wisdom of the body. We forget our ability to move through stress. With Somatic work we can remember to tune in to this inner wisdom and move through stress instead of letting it build up. Tapping back into the body in this way allows us to create more space and resiliency, which allows for an opening of awareness. 

What is Holographic Sound Healing?

Holographic sound Healing is a deeply personal tool of clearing out old and unwanted energies to manifest health and wellbeing. It’s multi-dimensional sound that penetrates all levels of consciousness. The energy field surrounding your body, your aura, holds all memory for your body, this includes vibrational and tonal memory for manifesting health and wellbeing. Through connection with spirit I tap into that harmonious vibrational memory in this energy field and play it back to you, using my voice, crystal sounds bowls, bells, chimes and tuning forks. During Holographic Sound Healing I am merely the hollow bone that spirit moves through. I connect with the tones that will bring about a clearing and manifesting of health for you. Everything in these sessions you already know, as you are a part of infinite consciousness. I am merely the person walking with you on the path. 

What is Inner Child and Parts Work?


Why these practices together? 

Lindsey’s unique combination of sound healing, somatic release, shadow work and embodied mindfulness create complete and holistic transformation that is also gentle and so supportive. This is a true mind body soul approach. We reconnect you with your body through somatic practices and tuning in to the needs of your unique being. You’ll learn to work with your mind skillfully by unhooking from unsupportive thought patterns, shifting your inner dialogue to be more loving and compassionate and truly making contact with your emotions and allowing them to be experienced fully. Then through sound healing and intuition tuning you’ll remember your connection to god and source energy. With these practices and your commitment to your highest good, you’ll be supercharged and deeply rooted. 

Why work with Lindsey?

As someone who was a high volume business owner by 24, I have seen how much it takes to grind as an entrepreneur. I know first hand how disconnected we can become when we are striving for goals without caring for ourselves. And I know that a deep connection to the infinite loving awareness of god paired with a deep connection to our own human bodies and experiences can transform our lives. It did mine. 

I am a certified somatic stress release practitioner, a certified meditation teacher, a certified mindfulness teacher, and a certified holographic sound healer. More importantly I am someone who has needed help so badly that I had to find my connection to spirituality to remember myself. 


What is my why? 

My why is that I have been there. Trust, I have been there. I have been exhausted, striving, going 100 mph with no signs of slowing. I worked so hard for so long I ended up with adrenal fatigue, diagnosed with PTSD, and deep exhaustion. I have felt hopeless. I have been broken down. And then, through meditation, then daily rituals, intuition, somatic stress release, embodiment practices and sound healing I have found myself again. I found deep self compassion and love that comes with returning to the body and listening to the inner wisdom from infinite consciousness. 

I am passionate about the tools of embodied awareness, sound healing, somatic work and intuition because of the healing, peace, stillness and joy they have given me. I share what literally saved my life. 

And the same can be true for you, too. This infinite consciousness that we are all apart of, it wants you at your most whole and fulfilled. Your true path is one of deep self trust and wellbeing. 

You have something real and needed to share with this world. This is why you are here. Your life, your very existence, s your spiritual practice. So, why not make it a practice that serves your awakening? 

That’s why I love and live to share these tools of somatic release, mindfulness, meditation, sound healing and embodiment. 

Have more questions? I'd love to hear from you. Reach out here!